Company Membership

  Western Care Association – Information on being a Director  

    Application Form - Individual Member of Western Care Association

                  Completed form to be returned to: 
                  Chairperson, Western Care Association, John Moore Road, Castlebar, 
                  Co. Mayo or
  • Western Care Association is a community and voluntary organisation committed to supporting people with disabilities to be full citizens in their communities.
  • Western Care Association provides a wide range of supports and services to people with disabilities and their families on behalf of the Health services Executive, who provides the bulk of its funding.
  • Western Care Association acts as a representative voice in relation to supporting people with disabilities and their families.
  • Western Care Association is committed to nurturing natural and voluntary supports.
  • Western Care Association networks with statutory, community and voluntary organisations to achieve its mission and purpose.
  • Western Care Association provides leadership within the sector by identifying relevant new ideas and thinking; providing quality supports and services and assisting in supporting people to have full lives.
  • Western Care Association is completely open – anyone or any organisation with an interest in improving the lives of people with disabilities is welcome to join as a company member.
  • Western Care Association’s policy and advocacy work seeks to ensure that Government policy provides for the development of a healthy and vibrant community for people with disabilities and their families. 
  • Western Care Association raises additional funding through a range of fundraising initiatives. 
       Responsibilities of Board Member     
      Every board member has the following responsibilities:
  • Commitment to the evolution of Western Care Association and support for its philosophy
  • Attendance at Board meetings
  • Shaping strategy for the development of Western Care Association
  • Where necessary, deciding on strategic actions required to achieve Western Care Association’s objectives, ensuring that all activities are consistent with Western Care Association’s vision and core values
  • Representing the interests of Western Care Association members. Board members are accountable to Western Care Association’s members and mission.
  • Serving on Committees
  • Fulfilling all the legal obligations of a member of the Board of Directors of a company limited by guarantee without a share capital. 

Members serve a term of 3 years and may go forward to re-election. The Board meets at least 11 times a year and all matters discussed are treated as confidential.

      The Board elects a Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson and any other officers as necessary.
Committees of the Board of Directors
  • Committees can be formed based upon terms of reference agreed by board. The Committees’ existence, membership and terms of reference are reviewed annually subsequent to the election of the officers.
  • Membership of a Committee ideally to be for three years to allow for continuity as well as for ‘turn over’ of members
  • Membership of Committees to reflect different experiences and skills. Membership may also include non-board members, but the Chair must always be a member of the Board of Directors.
  • A record is to be kept of all Committee meetings and decisions
  • Each Committee is accountable to the board - each formal board meeting to have an agenda item allowing a report from each Committee
  • All Committees are strictly advisory in nature
  • Currently, Western Care Association has four Committees: Finance & Audit; Human Resources; Membership; Quality and Safety. 
    Click on the following link to view     Memorandum and Articles of Association