Delia Garvin Profile

Profile of Delia Garvin - Social Care Worker
I began my working life as a professional photographer, a job I loved because I like dealing with the public.
After taking time off to raise my family, I decided I would like to try something different and took some
computer classes. I applied for a place on the temporary panel in 2002 and my first job was in the
Day Services in Belmullet. I found I really liked the work. I think working on the temporary panel gave
me a very good introduction to the range of services provided by Western Care and certainly gave
me a good idea of what is expected from you as an employee.
In 2002, I was lucky enough to get a permanent position at the Belmullet Day Centre and have been
there since. My day is varied as we offer a range of training programmes some of which are
delivered at a room at the local IT centre. For me working with our service users and supporting
them to reach their full potential is what makes it all worth while.
I think that Western Care is an excellent employer. There is very good training offered to
employees and good prospects for promotion. I am currently undertaking a B.A. in 
Social Studies (Disability) with the Open Training College ( OTC).
It has made me even more aware of how Western Care is to the forefront in progressing the
development of service provision in the disability sector.
Another aspect to working at the day service is the sense of camaraderie that we
have as a staff team. We regularly take on walking and hiking challenges outside of
work and I think this leads to good relationships and is so important when
working in human services.