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Noel's  Story
"Hi, my name is Noel Kelly. I started working on September 6th 2010. My job is delivering post to a Barrister in town. I work each morning, Monday – Friday. I really like my job. I enjoy meeting people when I am at my job. I meet my employer every Friday. We always have a great chat and he gives me my week’s wages. I am saving my wages and I am planning to buy some new clothes and go for a nice meal".


Words Are My Prisoner (WAMP)
           Michael Sweeney Directing 
The Words are My Prisoner (WAMP) project was very successful in its aim to use the medium of the visual arts to allow for the self expression and creative development of 15 people with learning disabilities through the facilitation and active creative leadership of two artists.  The project was successful in securing funding from the Arts Council's Projects New Work Award, in 2007.  The intention in this project was to expose participants to the various art forms in an exploratory way where the artist is both a facilitator of the process for the participants and a learner of how they perceive the world.
It involved observing how people responded to the various materials and workshops, reacting to what people were doing and intervening in the process to help create a piece of art.  The process was tailored individually, sensitively and collaboratively with each person.
Throughout the various project activities, events and through the creation of its many artistic products it has demonstrated a wealth of previously untapped and uncelebrated artistic talent. 

    Deirdre Gannon taking part in the river float


Performance Art:  During the project, a number of high profile public events were held including this water walk in Westport to launch the project in 2007.  
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